Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade

Belgrade Law Review


Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade is the oldest Balkan academic law journal, having been founded in 1906 by the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law as Archive for Legal and Social Sciences (Arhiv za pravne i društvene nauke). Since 1953 the journal appears as Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade (Anali Pravnog fakulteta u Beogradu). This law review has been published continuously in Serbian with abstracts in foreign languages, offering contributions by the faculty and distinguished scholars from former Yugoslavia, Serbia and abroad. Its Editors-in-Chief have been the most prominent Serbian law professors and lawyers, such as Mihailo Konstantinović, Milan Bartoš, Vojislav Bakić, Vojislav Simović, Obren Stanković, Dejan Popović, Miodrag Orlić, Danilo Basta and Sima Avramović.

Editor-in-Chief:  Miroljub Labus  

Editorial Board: Milenko Kreća, Dragan Mitrović,  Boris Begović, Milan Škulić, Miroslav Milošević, Vladimir Pavić, Vladan Petrov

Managing Editors: Bojan Spaić, Uroš Živković

Since 2006, the law review has added one international edition annualy as Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade - Belgrade Law Review. It is a peer-reviewed journal that utilizes an international body of editors, advisers and referees to select outstanding contributions. The journal solicits articles, contributions, case law and legislation comments, essays, debates, notes and book reviews on all aspects of law and social sciences, being interdisciplinary oriented. Special emphasis is placed on contemporary legal developments, but the journal's range includes jurisprudence and legal history. The journal serves as a forum for the expression of the legal ideas of foremost scholars, law professors, jurists, judges, practitioners, societal leaders and students.

Instructions to authors and reference style are available here. Authors may electronically submit their work as an attachment to an email at: anali@ius.bg.ac.rs


Editors-in-Chief: Miroljub Labus, Alan Watson

International Editorial Board: John Cerone (USA), Silvio Ferrari (Italy), Christa Jesel Holst (Germany), Thomas Koenig (USA), Peter Koller (Austria), Janez Kranjc (Slovenia), Werner Krawietz (Germany), Ingeborg Maus (Germany), Thomas Mertens (Holland), Slobodan Milačić (France), Paul du Plessis (Scotland), Željko Šević (England),  Gerhard Thür (Аustria), Ito Tomoyoshi (Japan), Alan Watson (USA). 

Managing Editors: Bojan Spaić, Uroš Živković


Ex Editors-in-Chief: Mihailo Konstantinović 1953-1960, Milan Bartoš 1960-1966, Vojislav Bakić 1966-1978, Vojislav Simović 1978-1982, Obren Stanković 1982-1995, Dejan Popović 1996, Miodrag Orlić 1997-2004, Danilo N. Basta 2004-2006, Sima Avramović (2006-2013).


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