The University of Belgrade – The Seedbed of University Education


Univerzitet u Beogradu

The University of Belgrade is one of the oldest university centres in the region. It was established in the first half of the XIX century and has a long tradition of the leading educational institution. The University played a role of Alma mater of all the universities in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as in the large part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Presently, the University of Belgrade comprises 31 faculties, 8 research institutes and a University library. It conjugates approximately 2,500 professors and about 78,000 students, a significant number of which are from the neighbouring countries.

Origins: The roots of higher education in Serbia go back to 1808 when the “Great School” was founded in Belgrade (during the first Serbian uprising against Ottoman rule).

The institution named ‘Lyceum’ was established in 1838 in Kragujevac, and was relocated to Belgrade in 1841.

Lyceum grew into the Advanced School  in 1863.

In 1905 the first University Act was enacted formaly establishing the Belgrade University.