International Conference

Fundamental Rights – Justification and Interpretation

Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, 24-25 October 2014


Friday, October 24

9.15       The Dean's Opening Address

Constitutional rights
(Moderator: Miodrag Jovanović, University of Belgrade)

9.30       Robert Alexy (University of Kiel), 'Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Review'   ABSTRACT

10.00     Pierluigi Chiassoni (University of Genoa), 'Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion in a Constitutional State: Two Varieties of Conscientious Objection'ABSTRACT

10.25     Luka Burazin (University of Zagreb), 'Solving Conflicts between Constitutional Rights'ABSTRACT

10.50     Discussion

11.30     Coffee break

Freedom of religion
(Moderator: Frank J. LaBuda, New York State Judge)

12.00     Kenneth Himma (University of Washington & Belgrade), 'Compensating for a Legally Imposed Disability: Is There a Special Fundamental Right to Religious Freedom?'   ABSTRACT

12.25     Lorenzo Zucca (King's College, London), 'Religious Freedom as a Global Problem' ABSTRACT

12.50     Discussion

13.30     Lunch break

Legal status and fundamental rights
(Moderator: Dragica Vujadinović, University of Belgrade)

14.30     David Duarte (University of Lisbon), 'Norm Structure in Fundamental Rights: From Addressees to Legal Positions'ABSTRACT

14.55     Biljana Đorđević (University of Belgrade), 'Citizenship as an Expression of the Special Ties That Bind: A Right or a Matter of Qualification and Privilege?ABSTRACT

15.20     Discussion (with coffee)

Correlations of fundamental rights
(Moderator: Luka Burazin, University of Zagreb)

16.00     Violeta Beširević (Union University, Belgrade), 'Mission (Im)possible? Defending a Right to Die'ABSTRACT

16.25     Tanasije Marinković (University of Belgrade), 'What Freedom for the Enemies of Freedom? - Trends in Banning of Political Organizations in Europe'ABSTRACT

16.50     Đorđe Pavićević (University of Belgrade), 'Human Rights and Poverty'ABSTRACT

17.15     Discussion

18.15     Annual Meeting of the Serbian section of the IVR

20.00     Dinner for the conference participants

Saturday, October 25

Justifying fundamental rights
(Moderator: Ivana Krstić, University of Belgrade)

9.00       Stephan Kirste (University of Salzburg), 'Individualism and Collectivism in the Foundation of Group Rights'ABSTRACT

9.25       Jasminka Hasanbegović (University of Belgrade), 'Why Do We Need Fundamental Rights, Not Only in Practice, But Also in Theory?'ABSTRACT

9.50       Discussion (with coffee)

Interpreting fundamental rights
(Moderator: Kenneth Himma)

10.30     Bojan Spaić (University of Belgrade), 'Human Dignity and the Limits of Legal Interpretation’ABSTRACT

10.55     Miodrag Jovanović (University of Belgrade), 'Human Rights – Between Universality and Culturally Sensitive Interpretation'ABSTRACT

11.20     Discussion

12.00     Lunch break

End of conference